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No-Knot Fas-Snaps make changing hooks and lures quick and easy.  There are four sizes for various types of fishing.  The small sized is used for fly fishing and permits a dry fly to float.  The medium size is used for pan fish, crappie, etc.  The large size is used for crappie and bass.  Spinner baits also work well on the large size.  The x-large size is used for bass fishing and accepts lures and plugs without any trouble.  All sizes of Fas-Snaps are available in nickel and black oxide finishes.

No-Knot Fas-Snaps are made with spring steel for strength by Wright & McGill (Eagle Claw) exclusively for us. They tested each size to determine the strength it will hold before straightening out, and the results are very impressive, as shown to the right:
Fas-Snap Size Average Force (lbf)
Small 9.3
Medium 11.54
Large 21.56
X-Large 40.2
No-Knot Eyelets are used in fly fishing.  The eyelet is inserted into the hollow core of the line.  They are made of bronze and available in two sizes.  The small size is used for the 5, 3 level and tapers.  The large size is for the 9, 8, and 6 level.  We also offer a cadmium large size used for saltwater fly fishing.

All No-Knot Eyelets are manufactured by Wright & McGill (Eagle Claw) exclusively for Kipper Enterprises, Inc.
No Knot Eyelet
The Spool Tool is used to fill or remove fishing line from reels, and is great for use with both casting and spinning reels.

It is easy to use and works great for freshwater and saltwater tackle.  Its line tension adjustment feature reduces the chance of backlash and eliminates line twist.

The Spool Tool is made of durable non-corrosive plastic and is designed to fit nicely in your tackle box.
Spool Tool